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Restored 4U

Hello everyone!!! Welcome to Restored 4U.


My passion for decorating and refinishing started many years ago when I bought my first century home.  It was challenging , exciting and invigorating making it beautiful.   That is when I refinished my first piece of furniture, a dresser.  It was old and dusty but had such character and had been passed down from my grandmother.  After I gave it some "love" and a "face lift" my family and neighbors were astounded as to the transfrmation and soon enough my garage was full of their items with pleads to transform their treausres.


I am addicted to refinishing old run down furniture and creating something beautiful and functional while maintaining its original character.  


I have come to see the pieces I do as works of art and they give me pure joy. It satisfies me to know that although this type of thing may not be for everyone, those who have managed to aquire one of my pieces truly appreciates them as I do.

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